Project Support & Development

Project Support & Development

Support for SAP projects

Benoy is a Certified SAP Expertise Partner Center (PCoE, Partner Center of Excellence). This status allows us to support existing SAP Enterprise Support projects, which include many SAP services and services.

For the service and development of real projects, Benoy can also close the second and third lines of support, providing timely closure of incidents and completion of Time & Material.

Most of the customers who have commissioned SAP products from us continue to collaborate on project support and development. This demonstrates the success of our project support ecosystem and the key to investing in it.

International Projects Support

Benoy is a young and flexible company that supports rapid technological development. Modern methods of implementation and support of SAP products allow us to actively participate in both Ukrainian and foreign projects.

In the process of entry of international companies into Ukraine or the expansion of Ukrainian companies in new markets, the question of automation of new business units becomes crucial. There are two main strategies involved: roll-out – replication of an existing project, and greenfield – implementation of business systems from scratch, taking into account experience and processes.

Benoy Consultants will help you decide on an automation strategy, formalize business processes, perform fit-gap analysis, synchronize your project plan and ensure the quality of the project. For international companies, all project documentation can be done in English. We are also competent in forming local teams with knowledge of other European languages.