SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors

Time for HR-transformation

In the face of global changes in the labor market and human hunger, human capital management processes require a radical revision.

SAP SuccessFactors talent management products are used by over 4,000 customers and 40 million employees, making this product the most widely used cloud-based business application in the world to meet the challenges of human capital management.

A complete suite of HR modules allows you to accelerate the transition from HR strategy planning to implementation. Modules can be implemented in any order, enabling organizations to start with the most critical issues and gradually develop HR processes in the right direction.

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SAP SuccessFactors modules:

Fundamental Processes of HR- SuccessFactors Employee Central

Employee Central

Employee Central provides automation of fundamental HR (Core HR) processes and adapts to the realities of today’s companies.

  • Industry-level functionality. Employee Central is suitable for companies with any complexity of organizational structure and supports any combination of regional, business units, cost centers.
  • The most straightforward experience of using for every role and every employee in the organization.
  • Opportunity to work together on the business objectives of the company – forming working groups, building knowledge around common goals and getting feedback.
  • Fast and cost-effective integration with other systems.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools that work out of the box.

Talent Management Processes – SuccessFactors Talent Management

Hiring Management

  • Better user experience for candidates and executives. The ability to use the web interface and the mobile application makes the hiring process convenient for all business users in all circumstances.
  • Improve teamwork – initiate team discussions and track with the integrated SuccessFactors Jam corporate network.
  • Industry best practices – The product combines key industry knowledge and enhances the hiring process of any organization.
  • New knowledge and insight – Understand how hiring results affects on your overall HR strategy.

Personnel adaptation

  • Allow new employees to access the secure HR portal before they begin.
  • Use online forms to cut paperwork on the first day of hire.
  • Manage internal tasks – Report to IT, security, and other key departments to arrange everything necessary for the first employee’s day.
  • Time-bound workflows – Track processes using automated job triggers and reminders for new employees.

Goal development and management

The module allows you to initiate an effective ongoing feedback chain between your supervisor and your employees, replacing the rare performance evaluation meetings with quality and meaningful dialogue. Executives will be able to spend less time on operational tasks and focus more on providing valuable feedback, thereby raising employee morale and overall productivity.

  • Identification of the most productive employees – qualitative and effective analytics of personnel performance for top management.
  • Increase the percentage of goals completed – a user-friendly and motivating interface allows employees to make progress and help them complete goals.
  • Talent development – The development assistant helps you turn routine staff assessment meetings into a feedback chain. .
  • Compliance – transparency of employee development data for external auditors (when inspecting compliance with legislation, production standards, etc.).

Learning Management

The Learning Management module is closely linked to the “Development and Goal Management” and “Career Development” modules. It is a key part of the talent management unit and provides comprehensive learning tools that combine formal and informal practices. Learning activities can be easily tracked in terms of learning. Gaps in qualifications and compliance are highlighted and displayed in the form of notifications (for example, license expiration, certificate, qualification expiration or quick update).

Employees and teams responsible for staff training can create and distribute training materials to staff as quickly as possible.

Career development and succession planning

Succession planning provides the necessary level of transparency needed to identify staff gaps in the organization and provides the necessary insights to close them.

By supporting the employee succession model, role and position, the Succession Planning module help:

  • Highlight talent – gather information about employees that allows them to form an understanding of their biography, experience, expertise, productivity, and career expectations.
  • Identify gaps in the organizational structure (potential and existing). Assess the impact of business losses and gain a transparent understanding of staffing.
  • Expand nomination pool – search for talent beyond the direct sphere by creating nomination opportunities and a search engine for talent search across the organization.
  • Nominate the right candidates – Identify those who can fill the gaps in leadership quickly and objectively by using competency search and benchmarking candidates.


Mobility is first and foremost

SuccessFactors solutions are optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and phones. The mobile platform allows end-users to stay in close touch with HR processes from any device and take the necessary actions on the go, outside the workplace.

  • Stay in touch – Managers can find out on the go the status of teams and projects.
  • Receive up-to-date notifications and real-time task list updates.
  • Quickly access to organizational structure, recruiting processes and to-do lists.

Dashboards and reporting

Success Factors includes a complete set of required reports and toolbars built into the solution. Additional reports can be created by the user upon request.