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SmartHR Recruiting - finding the right people

Systematisation of recruitment and talent search processes in SAP SuccessFactors based on your business needs

What is SmartHR Recruiting?

More effective recruitment
methods focused on your
business goals

What recruitment problems does SmartHR Recruiting address?

Finding a needle in a haystack

Are you sure that your recruiters are working with the applicants your company needs? When snowed under with applications that need to be processed in a short time, recruiters are unable to provide quick feedback. Without getting a prompt reply, the best applicants accept offers from competitors. Without an in-depth analysis, management teams do not have a proper understanding of recruitment process in terms of vacancies.

A complex system of collecting information and vacancy requirements

Recruiters spend a lot of time and effort to create vacancies and approve applicants. In addition to replying to applicants, they also need to find time for customers — heads of departments — and take into account their requests and feedback. The communication process is complicated by a great deal of work that the managers have to do as part of their main activities.

A great deal of manual work

Recruiters have to perform a great deal of work manually, such as creating and posting vacancies, analysing applicants’ feedback, entering reporting data into Excel, etc. This hinders their performance as professionals since recruiters cannot process multiple information flows at once and correspond with a large number of applicants. With SmartHR Recruiting, you can improve the search process by automating its main tasks.

Lack of transparency in the efficiency of channels

Do you know what channels are the most productive for your company and ensure better feedback? For the companies that use the traditional recruiting system, it is very difficult to track the effectiveness of the channels. However, the automated system offers analytical tools that increase the transparency of recruitment processes.

Analytic errors

When saving and processing data manually in Excel spreadsheets, errors occur, and some information may be lost. The executive board does not get a complete analytical picture. Automated data collection and a single platform for data storage allows avoiding this problem.

Lack of a talent pool

Taking into account the workload of recruiters and HR-managers, Ukrainian companies do not develop a talent pool. Most often, the work of HR departments is aimed at “extinguishing fires”. Creating a talent pool would allow closing 20% of vacancies at once.

Recruiting with SAP SuccessFactors combines global best practices of key industries to improve the recruitment process in any company.

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Automated recruitment process will ease the burden on recruiters and HR-managers

Track the movement of applicants through the recruiting funnel and the process metrics using automation, which greatly helps recruiters to perform their routine tasks such as corresponding with applicants, sending offers, scheduling interviews and meetings, as well as provides more capabilities with automated tools for finding, selecting and approving applicants.

Applicant evaluation and dynamic applicant grouping

A new approach to applicant evaluation using a ready-made library with custom questions, assessing applicants according to their expertise and using the ABC rating. Group applicants using dynamic models that best meet your company’s requirements. Create a talent pool on the basis of the conducted assessment, assigning statuses to each applicant.

Access to a secure portal for both applicants and employees

Flexible careers website design tool will allow you to quickly implement an employer’s brand resource. It acts as an external portal to recruit applicants and as an internal one to unlock the potential of employees. Advanced analytics will allow you to collect data about the applicant from their first visit to the career website to their hiring with clarification of the source.

Monitoring recruitment costs across each channel

Track the recruitment methods and see how much you spend on marketing activities across each channel. Optimise your recruitment costs by choosing the most effective tools.

Transparent and deep analytics for the best management decisions

Use the analytics allowing you to obtain data to create an overall strategy for talent management and make management decisions. Adjusted recruitment and personnel management processes will help improve your company’s ROI.

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