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SmartHR Onboarding & Offboarding - successful start and completion of the career

Shift from manual onboarding and offboarding management to the systematic approach in SAP SuccessFactors

What isSmartHR Onboarding & Offboarding?

The successful onboarding procedure will turn the staff into brand ambassadors

What problems will the implementation solve SmartHR Onboarding&Offboarding


of the new employees decide whether they will stay in the company within the first six months.


of the entire staff turnover occurs within the first 45 working days.

HR departments spend a lot of time doing manual work, especially when it is a large company with more than 500 employees, including non-regular ones. During the onboarding, they have to answer simple and repetitive questions, which expect an immediate response.

With SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

all necessary formalities are over before the first working day. 

candidates acquire the employee’s status in an expedited manner by means of the uniform and forward-looking procedure.

new employees complete the procedure for optimum orientation and prompt examination of your business goals to be able to work for the company efficiently.

employees fulfil their performance potential faster, stay longer, feel more satisfied and wish to keep developing at the company.

Ready-to-use onboarding programmes and templates within one system

The set-up onboarding programmes enable unprecedented prompt shift to high-performance operations and achievement of results. Automated necessary tasks of the onboarding programme: sending standard letters of request for equipment and stationery, sending notices at each onboarding stage, appointing the mentor, planning meetings etc. 

Generating and signing electronic documents

Simplification of the onboarding procedure by means of electronic templates, which reduces the scope of paperwork from the very first day. All necessary documents are signed directly in the system.

Monitoring new employees’ progress at each onboarding stage in real time

Maximum automation of the hiring and onboarding cycle. Automated onboarding funnels from approval of the candidate to the candidate’s rotation into the company’s employee enable monitoring and concurrently adjusting the process.

Customised portal with ready-to-use onboarding programmes

Convenient access to the safe portal both for in-house and non-regular employees. New employees are provided with necessary contact details and instructions to navigate through passages quickly. Conscious navigation through the onboarding stages for all the participants.

Efficient Offboarding with consistent and clear dismissal procedures

Staff support at all the offboarding stages: supporting applicable records, covering legal matters and compliance as well as assisting in full completion of operations and withdrawal from projects, including knowledge transfer.

Set-up efficient  
1:1 staff meeting tool to understand expectations

Let your new employees achieve the necessary results as quickly as possible. Highly interested staff reduces staff turnover. Moreover, they act as brand ambassadors, recommend the employer to the others and are more tolerant to corporate changes.

Create a favourable environment for efficient onboarding

Confirmation of Benoy expertise

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