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SmartHR Performance & Goals HR goals consistent with the corporate strategy

Efficient staff performance management in SAP SuccessFactors by means of training, assessment and feedback

What is SmartHR Performance & Goals?

Staff performance management focused on business goals

Owing to SmartHR Performance & Goals

HR leaders

  • They create a favourable corporate culture to foster the employees’ ambitions and support their development, which ultimately entails business success.
  • They also create the corporate structure to engage young specialists.
  • They promote the feedback culture in the company and improve the development of each employee by helping fulfil the potential.
  • They monitor the achievement of goals and take preventive actions in real time.
  • They coordinate department managers in connection with efficient coaching.
  • They align the employees’ personal goals and the corporate business goals and principal values.

Department managers

  • They monitor the team success in the achievement of the goals.
  • They provide prompt feedback in real time.
  • They ensure more efficient management and check of the team performance.
  • They measure the indicators based on the HR performance, pursuant to the corporate goals and tasks.
  • They control details of the processes in real time and help improve the future results of the staff at the task implementation stage.
  • They assess the outcome of tasks promptly and make timely adjustments.


  • They monitor their own progress and manage the timing on their own.
  • They obtain prompt feedback from their colleagues and managers.
  • They have statistical data on their performance, analyse and improve their indicators.
  • They assume liability for the work performed and fulfil their career ambitions actively owing to the transparent and clear goal-setting system.
  • They have mobile access to information and respond to tasks promptly.
  • They regularly study and improve their qualifications.

Performance & Goals в SAP SuccessFactors consolidate the global best practices and knowledge from the key industries, which allows to improve the HR performance in any entity.

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Goal cascade – focus on results rather than processes

“Breaking down” general goals into specific actions and delegating them to designated employees enable prompt assessment of outcome of the strategy and timely adjustment thereof. Create the tree of goals, from the CEO to an ordinary employee, with a cascade. Use digital tools to resolve the issues, which will be appropriate at some point in time with account of the employees’ soft and hard skills.

Ready-to-use funnels to assess employees by goals and 360 Reviews assessment

You might lose valuable information if reviews by senior executives only are used. Feedback from all the persons dealing with your employees, including customers, gives a much more balanced and complete picture of your HR performance. The automated routes of assessment forms and assessment scale provide for the most accurate establishment of HR competence at any development stage.

Continuous training and feedback from senior executives

Regular feedback on current tasks is necessary to achieve goals. The point is that we hire employees, but communicate with people inside the processes. Tell your team what you want them to achieve during their life cycle in the company. SAP SuccessFactors is a convenient feedback tool that consolidates the team and is a safe portal for prompt dialogue inside the entity.

Set-up HR profiles and roles in one system

Convenient templates and settings of key roles: employee, manager, HR, which allows systematising the communication and monitoring progress of the staff. Get the broad picture of the productive processes at any level, manage the staff and their performance in one place.

Generating and signing electronic documents

Simplification of the onboarding procedure by means of electronic templates, which reduces the scope of paperwork from the very first day. All necessary documents are signed directly in the system.

Set-up efficient 1:1 staff meeting tool for motivation

1:1 meetings are one of the team development tools. Such meetings help you gradually build transparent and clear relations with the employees so that they will be able to fulfil their potential to the most. As a result, these meetings have a positive impact on onboarding and staff motivation and retention. Highly interested staff reduces staff turnover.

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