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SmartHR Succession & Development - building employees’ capacity

Retention of key employees and successful succession planning of SAP SuccessFactors “on a turnkey basis”

What is SmartHR Succession & Development?

A clear understanding of the strategic staffing needs and the ability to find successors within the company

What goals SmartHR Succession & Development help to achieve


closing vacancies from our own talent pool and ensuring greater employees’ loyalty.

SmartHR Succession & Development concept of SAP SuccessFactors helps companies to minimize risks by developing the talents needed to achieve today’s business goals and at the same time to provide the learning and planning capabilities required to support future growth.

Thanks to process automation in SAP SuccessFactors

Retaining key employees and educating leaders within the company is one of the main strategies.

Avoiding lack of talents, ensuring career growth of employees and the desire to develop along with the company.

Determining successors to all important positions in advance and preparing them purposefully for future roles.

Building an effective transformation of HR processes in the long run.

Succession & Development with SAP SuccessFactors combines global best practices of key industries to retain the best employees and build a pool of talent in any organization

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Adjusting the employee development plan for the company's goals

Start building the capacity of your employees to adjust the development plan according to the strategic goals of the company.

Assessment of employees' readiness for any role according to competencies

Use comparative criteria to ensure an objective and accurate assessment of employees. To assess readiness for current or future roles, you will have access to an automated tool – customized routes of assessment form of readiness and scales of assessment of employees’ competency, in which competencies for the role you have chosen in your career information are added. Thanks to career information, the employee can see his/her development and assess readiness for current and future roles.

Ready mentoring programs for training and gaining experience from colleagues

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development implements a system of mentoring programs for training and gaining experience from colleagues. You plan appropriate activities to build employees’ capacity and determine potential successors in advance. You are training leaders within the company now, and you are closing the gaps in talents in the future.

Functional career ladder reflects the necessary competencies and skills for any job role

Engage employees with significant career opportunities. The career ladder is a convenient tool for building succession, the system automatically offers roles for further development. Besides, you have the possibility to track the formation of the talent pool, review of skills and competencies for a particular position.

Automatic formation of talent pools in the company

You find suitable successors for all important positions and purposefully prepare them for future roles. The succession management is an essential condition for organizations in order to succeed in today’s competitive market. In fact, organizations that successfully create their new generation of talent, as well as retain current employees, have the advantage, because the people in the company are the highest value.

Set-up efficient 1:1 staff meeting tool for identify potential

1:1 meetings are one of the team development tools. Such meetings help you gradually build transparent and clear relations with the employees so that they will be able to fulfil their potential to the most. As a result, these meetings have a positive impact on onboarding and staff motivation and retention. Highly interested staff reduces staff turnover.

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