SAP S/4HANA — intellectual integrated ERP system based on innovative SAP HANA platform

Newest SAP product on the enterprise resource system market, 4th generation of SAP ERP that helps companies realize full automation strategy for key business processes. It includes a solid set of functionality from ECC 6.0 (SAP ERP). Well known and familiar modules ECC SD, PP, MM from R/3 & Business Suite have been modernized, and functions, that were previously available only in industrial solutions, are currently integrated into S/4 HANA standard.

First of all, S/4 HANA innovativeness is connected with a new simplified data organization in S/4 HANA database. Acess to the actual information doesn’t require resource-consuming data processing, all computations are completely performed in the operating memory. SAP HANA is productive independently from amount of transactions and is allowing to increase its number up to thousand times if required.

SAP S/4 HANA works in a new user-friendly interface which perfectly allows to display and edit huge amounts of data. As part of SAP’s simplification initiative new SAP Fiori interface and a simplified data model have been developed. All together combined with an in-memory SAP HANA technology it means that business processes can be designed and executed much faster and with more effectiveness.

Above all, S/4 HANA has received a functional capabilities upgrade: standard processes are now completely aligned with modern business reality. Artifacts connected with technical limitations (e.g. database or programming languages) are now removed and proposed solutions would satisfy expectations of even the most demanding companies.

The system is perfectly integrated with SAP solutions and applications, as well as Big Data & Internet of Things technologies.

Choosing SAP S/4 HANA, you’re investing in your corporate safety and business development.