SAP Implementation

SAP Implementation

Making complicated possible

Having certified SAP consultants allows us to implement a wide range of SAP solutions, including:

  • Talent and HR process management systems – SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Integrated Business Planning Systems – SAP Integrated Business Planning.
  • Industrial Accounting Systems (ERP) – SAP S/4 HANA.
  • Analytics Solutions – SAP BI / BW, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Analytics Cloud.

Implementation of any corporate system at the industrial level is a serious multi-stage process. The success of this process depends on many factors, and first of all – on the successful joint work of consultants and own company staff.

Benoy’s project office has developed the optimal set of strategies, tactics, and artifacts to work with the project, which is based on specific tasks and client’s specificities, based on their own experience, best market standards and recommended SAP methodologies.

Implementation of project management

To implement different solutions, SAP offers a proven set of methodologies and tools. The optimal tactics for the implementation of each specific project is always subject to agreement between the parties, taking into account many factors by type:

  • The composition of the client team and its involvement.
  • System and business architecture complexity.
  • Synchronization with other concurrent projects (project program) and contractors.
  • Duration and structure of the project.

The Benoy Project Office collaborates with certified consultants and project managers with experience in various industries and systems of varying complexity.

We are actively investing in the development of management competencies of our employees and training according to PMBOOK, Agile, Lean standards. Key project office managers are certified by the 6-Sigma methodology.

Our key goal is to achieve quality results and build long-term customer relationships. Therefore, processes built organically are in any case higher and more valuable for their methodological reinforcement.