Business Process Automation Consulting

Business Process Automation Consulting

We understand that software implementation does not exist in a vacuum, but is based on many internal and external factors: existing processes, industry, economy, values ​​and business strategy.

Analyzing the business, its processes and key project performance metrics, allows you to properly structure your project in terms of goals, build company expectations, and avoid costly change requests.

Most SAP solutions offer a suite of standard business practices based on best practices. Introducing a new product should always be seen as an opportunity to review and optimize existing processes – that is, another milestone in the process of ongoing transformation.

If a product does not replace an existing solution but is responsible for a new business unit or automates a new direction (for example, this often happens with a digital marketing solution), business must be prepared not only in terms of new processes but also in terms of the methodology of using the new solution – necessary expansion of teams, maturity of business users, etc.

In addition to developing its consulting practice, Benoy develops a business consulting partner network in our clients’ industries and processes of our core solutions.

In some cases, we recommend a comprehensive approach involving the necessary experts, as careful analysis determines the success of the result.