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We train SAP implementation experts using SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System technology


The Benoy Success Academy programme is aimed at training SAP implementation experts based on a rigorous original training program.

In 2019, we launched the Benoy Success Academy original training program to implement SAP SuccessFactors. The month-long intensive course combines theory and practical lessons: students will master best practices of Benoy’s leading experts and join in real project teams. Following a month of training, the best graduates will be appointed as Junior Consultants and awarded cash grants. 

The Benoy Success Academy training is held once a year. Based on the training of 2 classes of BSA students, 8 SAP Cloud Solutions implementation experts joined the Benoy team.

Head and visionary of Benoy Success Academy

Dmytro Busarev Director of the Project Management Office

“Participation in the Academy is a very exciting experience for both participants and organisers. We discover new talents, while participants gain practical experience in implementing IT solutions for business.”

REASONS OF CREATING the Benoy Success Academy

We aim to increase the number of certified consultants in the company who are knowledgeable in innovative SAP products and uphold Benoy’s values.

The idea of creating the Benoy Success Academy came around because of the shortage of experts in the area of SAP implementation in the international and Ukrainian markets. Thanks to Benoy Success Academy, we are able to create a pool of talents focused on our business goals and human resources.

Not everyone can make it, but those who succeed undergo qualitative changes

There are 10 student in a class attending the Academy. However, after a month of intensive training, there will be only three most successful students left.  Students are divided into several groups that have their own mentors. 

Training takes place with the help of programs developed by experienced Benoy experts in the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System that ensure a comprehensive expertise-oriented training for different areas. 

The SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System programmes consist of: Theory; Practice;  Intermediate tests; Final exam. 

This structure allows consolidating the knowledge students gained and recording their progress. 

During one month, students will master the technical process of the SAP Success Factors implementation, complete tasks, present their projects and receive feedback from mentors and colleagues through the Continuous Performance process, which allows tracking student performance at any stage of the training. 

Materials can be accessed both from any computers through the browser and through the SuccessFactors mobile application.

As part of our training, we organise a visit to the SAP Ukraine Head Office, where students can dive even deeper into the SAP ecosystem.


Having completed the training, all students take the final exam. BSA mentors and the company’s HR manager conduct an in-depth analysis of each student’s performance based on the exam results.  

The students who have passed get certificates, but only three of them are offered a Junior Consultant position at Benoy to participate in internal and external projects, as well as cash grants.

The company invests in the development of our employees’ competencies

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